Person-Centred Counselling in Perth

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Counselling and Psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential space to talk and be heard by someone who is trained to listen to you in a non-judgemental way. It gives you an opportunity to explore issues that are concerning or distressing you. It helps you to express your thoughts and feelings and to find clarity and self-understanding. It can give you a different perspective, help you to change patterns of relationships or behaviours, to become more accepting of yourself, and to lead a more satisfying life.


As well as helping at times of distress, counselling can be a useful space for those times when you wish to build upon things that are going well for you or at times when you want to try a new direction in life.


Counselling is not advice-giving. Instead it facilitates you in finding your own inner resources, and to change, grow and heal from within.


How I work

I am passionate about my work, and feel it's a real privilege to work alongside each person on their particular journey. The framework for my counselling is Person-Centred. This means that I will really try empathically to understand what your world is like for you. I will be warm, genuine and honest with you. I will not judge you and will be accepting of you. I will work at your pace, and will check out with you regularly how you are finding the counselling space.


I offer both short-term and long-term therapy.


Who comes for counselling?

I work with adults, and also with young people aged 16 and over.


People seek counselling for many reasons; here are just a few examples of issues that people bring:


depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, self-harm, eating disorders, addictions, past events, future worries, relationship issues, work issues, loss, change, bereavement, confidence, self-esteem, stress, panic attacks, feeling lost or stuck, personal growth and development.

What is Counselling / Psychotherapy